If the cast of Dollhouse is going to stay intact, does that mean Miracle Laurie will be back, too? Mellie/November is my favorite character. — Katy
MATT: You and I are likethis when it comes to Mellie. Alas, we should both prepare for heartbreak. Though the Dollhouse scribes don't return to their Smith Coronas until next week, an insider tells me that since Paul negotiated Mellie's freedom from the Dollhouse in the Season 1 finale, "It would seem that Miracle's storyline has come to a close."

Source: TV Guide

Personally, I have a feeling Miracle will be back. Not only did a Facebook post from her insinuate that, but it would also be an interesting route to take: how does a former Doll adjust to life once their contract is up? Where does she live now? Why did she even go into the Dollhouse when they apparently didn't wipe the memory of her daughter, so her pain and grief is still there? And most importantly... is he contract really up?