Considering there's no fresh news on Dollhouse at the moment, just thought I'd take the time to update those interested about the next script I'm writing. It'll continue on from my last one and will focus solely on Whiskey, and how exactly she came to be in the Dollhouse. There's a couple of cool (or I think so anyway) twists in the episode that will show some depth to a couple of other characters too. I'll also be writing my preferred "fate" for Victor, whether or not he'll be "fixed," and we'll see Paul begin to question whether or not the Dollhouse kept their end of the bargain.

As well as the second episode, I'm also writing my own little Doctor Who/Torchwood spin-off pilot episode. It's mostly just a bit of fun, as I had a marathon run of Torchwood season one and two this week, and have this desire to write something fantastical and British. It would take elements from both shows but would focus on a team who have recovered an unknown alien spaceship, and are attempting to traverse the skies. Of course, it's not all smooth sailing, and there's lots of shenanigans, including the reappearance of Jenny (the Doctor's *kinda* daughter).

Oh. There may be some news... I've heard a rumour that Miracle Laurie will be reprising her role as November in season two. Not sure for how long or, really, if this is confirmed. She apparently Facebooked that she had good news regarding season two... but, you never really know until the fat cats sing.