Season Two Decision

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News is breaking (not quite) about the possible renewal of the show. Apparently talks have begun and Whedon has gone in and proposed his second season. This could be a good thing... but it all seems pretty standard to me. Either way, we're sure to find out Monday.

Okay, here's how things shake out. On Friday, FOX asked Joss to come in and pitch a second season of Dollhouse. That's a very good sign. They wanted to know his plans.

Off the back of that, they're now negotiating towards a second season. Which is brilliant, actually.

If you want to make your voice heard about how much you want to see the show return, here's how:

CALL - Leave a voicemail on 310 369 3066 for Peter Rice, Chairmain of Entertainment @ FOX


TWEET - Twitter @foxbroadcasting, point people towards this post

POST - Leave comments here. I'll forward it to FOX. say the show has a 1% chance of returning. You know what? They're wrong. Really: they are. Let's see if this thing happens.

The official decision gets announced on Monday -- although, obviously, the decision is made before then -- and we'll have it here and on Twitter as soon as it's known. We're covering the upfront presentation so news shall be gushing that day.
Source: Dollverse