So, not many of you will know this, but I'm an aspiring screenwriter, and when I get into a television show, I always try to seek out the scripts... just to see how it all came together. Considering how much of a change there was from Whedon's original "Dollhouse" pilot to the one we saw on our screens, I really wanted to get my hands on it.

So eventually I found it, by accident really... not that I'm complaining. Took me about fifteen minutes to get through it but wow! I have no idea why Fox wanted to change anything about it. It was so much more coherent, so well put together, and it really didn't hold back. Not everything was explained but there was enough to keep us going, to make us wonder, and most importantly, to make us want to come back. Compared to "Ghost," the original pilot seriously kicks ass. So for all those who want to read it... Click Me!